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Latest Events

2nd International Conference on the Advancement of Science and Technology (ICAST-2104) wasstarted in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, from today 16 -17 May, 2014. ICAS-2014 is hosted by Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT) with the objective of serving as a forum for the Universities, Educational Institutions and Industrials to interact and share knowledge and further strengthen cooperation for the exchange of ideas.

Policy issues of science and technology will be discussed to harness systematic efforts toward the achievement Ethiopia’s millennium development goals.

The presence of State Minister of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Wondwossen Kiflu, was give enormous boost to the conference.

Dr. Yakob Arsano, Dr. Mesfin Belachew, and staff from Germany Technical Cooperation (GIZ) are expected to make public presentation on different topics related to the theme of the conference.

Thirty six papers and twenty posters will be presented on the conference as well as technology exhibitions will be made, and a total of about two hundred participants from Ethiopia and abroad are expected to attend the conference. 

29 Apr, 2014

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering in collaboration with Aalto University (AALTO)
School of Electrical Engineering, organized a workshop on Curricula Development for Efficient
Lighting and Renewable Energy Technology, on this work shop Teaching and training programmes to be developed in the project will help to establish a sound international academic environment that offer suitable academic programmes inspired from advanced EU practices for teachers, students, industry people in Nepal and in Ethiopia.


The workshops and seminars organized in the projects help to disseminate lighting industry

advance knowledge within and outside the academic institutions in Finland, Nepal and

Ethiopia. The events help explore best practice solutions and replicate them around relevant

beneficiaries in target countries.


The specific objectives of the project are:

To identify important factors of needs and opportunity for efficient lighting  management in Ethiopia

To develop “energy efficient lighting” curricula

To promote efficient lighting management curricula in similar developing countries

04 Apr, 2014
BiT celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Ploy Technique Institute on 04 April, 2014. On this celebration BDU president Dr. Baylie Damite,  Russian Ambassador in Ethiopia, former graduates of Poly-Techniques institute,  and Instructors from Bit and EiTEX were present. There were discussions on technological education advancement, collaboration  and laboratory visits by the guests. 

During the laboratory visit, students from Society of Computing and Electrical Engineering demonstrate their project work (such as anti-fungal System for Injera, Digital Clock, Electric Duster and others) for the guests. The guests appreciate the motivation of the students and give valuable comments to them.  

02 Apr, 2014
The School delivered C# training for graduate students in Computing Science and Computer Engineering. The trainers came from Cyber Soft PLC and they are very experienced and delivered industry based C# programming training for the students. Hence, the students will develop practical knowledge on this tool and this practical knowledge will assist them to do industry based project on their final year project as well as for their future carrier. 

02 Apr, 2014
Starting from 20 March, 2014, the School started the Weekly Seminar series. This seminar will be an ideal place for academicians to exchange ideas, share knowledge and skill and update their creativity and innovations.  Interested academicians from the school as well as from the industry will present their work turn by turn each week. 



School of Computing and Electrical Engineering in collaboration with Research, Postgraduate, and Community Service office of IoT organized a workshop on Statistical Signal Processing and Remote Sensing on Dec 7/2013. In the workshop staffs from both School of Computing and Electrical Engineering and School of Civil and Water Resource Engineering presented their works in the field. This workshop has also given the opportunity for graduate class students of SCEE to get informed regarding the existing low-cost satellite image reception station established at Bahir Dar University Institute of Technology.


Society of Electrical and Computing launched a seminar series every Sunday evening. The society was formed in 2005 E.C aimed for strengthening the research and project handling capability of the students in the school.  According to the representatives of the society, there will always be a seminar every Sunday evening in which students and /or academicians will present their works. 



Introductory Training on MATLAB has been delivered for postgraduate students of the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering from December 28/2013 to January 05/2014.  According to the trainer, Girmaw Abebe, Lecturer in the school of Computing and Electrical Engineering,  the training tried to cover the basics in MATLAB programming and matrix manipulations,  Simulink modeling and GUI development. The training was a part of one week long training organized by Research, Postgraduate, and Community Service of IoT for postgraduate students of the faculty.




2nd Semester Final Exam will start from 09/10/06 (Thursday) up to 22/10/06 (Sunday)