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Third year, group three, civil engineering students constructed a walkway. The School gave the students certificate in recognition of their effort, contribution and exemplary work.

Fifty Staffs of Bureau of Urban Work and Development attended a training  from July 28 to August 06. The training includes AutoCad, ArchiCad, Sap and Ms Project and was conducted by Civil Engineering Department. The trainees came from the different places of Amhara region.


Professor Nigusie Tebeje conducted a seminar on bridges and buildings designed by him and/or his office at ioT conference hall on 28 of June, 2014. The seminar was organized by Saba and Alemayehu.

About the Presenter:

Negussie Tebege is Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa University (AAU). He received his BSc in Civil Engineering, Haile Selassie I University (1965 - with award of the Chancellor's Gold Medal); MSc (1969) and PhD (1972) in Civil Engineering both from Lehigh University, USA.

Negussie Tebedge is the Founder and Manager of ACME Designers and Consultants Plc. He is engaged in designing major building structures and bridges. He served AAU as chairperson of the Department of Civil Engineering and as Dean of the Faculty. He has work experience in France, Uganda, Tanzania and USA in different professional capacities.

He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and has authored many books, including Ethiopian Building Code Standard, consisting of six volumes.

He was Winner of Faculty Scientific Achievement Award of the Ethiopian Scientific Society Inc. (1994) and was awarded the AAU Golden Jubilee Medal (2000).

Negussie Tebedge is Member of: Ethiopian Civil Engineers Association (Fellow); American Association of Civil Engineers, Tall Building Council, USA and the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers


The School of Civil & Water Resources Engineering organized a talk by Dr. Manuel R. Reyes, professor of Biological Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University, USA on “Rainwater Harvesting, Conservation Agriculture and Drip Irrigation for Smallholder Vegetable Production.” On 13 June 2014 at 03:00 PM at the conference hall of ioT. The faculty members and the master’s and Ph.D. candidates of the school attended the seminar.

The School of Civil & Water Resources Engineering organized an advanced training course for M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates and interested faculty members on “Channel erosion, stability, evolution and modeling” from May 19, 2014 to May 23, 2014. The expert conducting the training is Eddy J. Langendoen, Research Hydraulic Engineer, National Sedimentation Laboratory, USDA.

About the expert:

Eddy J. Langendoen, Research Hydraulic Engineer, National Sedimentation Laboratory, ARS, United States Department of Agriculture(USDA). He did his M.Sc. &Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands in 1987 and 1992 respectively. His research interest is in computational hydraulics, sediment transport mechanics, and channel evolution.

The 1st Bahir Dar University-Nile Basin Initiative Joint Seminar sponsored by Ethiopian Road Authority was held on 21 March 2014 on “Nile Basin Decision Support System – analytic framework for water resources planning” by Abdulkarim H Seid (Dr.) was organized by jointly by School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Nile Basin Initiative and Ethiopian Road Authority is focused on highlighting the new Nile basin decision support system developed by Water Resources Management; Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat (Nile-Sec).


The Nile Basin DSS is a comprehensive analytic framework designed to meet the requirements of complex water resources planning. It provides diverse toolsets for data processing, modeling, scenario management, benefic-cost analysis, optimization and multi-criteria decision making.


Purpose of seminar was to present and introduce the Nile Basin DSS to professionals of the region and to faculties and graduate students of BDU, professionals from regional offices and selected undergraduate students of the school to explore what can be done as a research using the DSS, and to discuss the future prospect of using the Nile Basin DSS at BDU.


About the presenter:

Abdulkarim H Seid (Dr.) is currently Head, Water Resources Management; Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat (Nile-Sec); previously, he was the Regional Lead Specialist for the development of the Nile Basin DSS. Earlier, he had been working in the Eastern Nile Technical Regional Offices and Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. He has a BSc in civil Engineering from AAU, MSc (Water Resources Systems Engineering) from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K., and PhD from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Joint Seminar on Construction Quality Monitoring Conducted 

The School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering had held Seminar on “Construction Quality Improvement is it a matter of attitude or Technology?” The seminar was jointly organized by the school, Ethiopian Chapter of the American Concrete Society  and Ethiopian Road Authority.

While welcoming guests and researchers at the Conference, School Director Dr. Seifu Admassu noted that construction quality is a critical issue for Ethiopia and the region at this specific time and also a hot issue that everybody discusses about. “The problem could be resolved by initiating a public discourse with government organization, contractors, consultants, individuals and students involved in the construction sector” said Dr. Seifu.

Chief Organizer of the conference, Ato Alemayhu Golla, Chair of Construction Technology, said the objective of the conference was to present and discuss current status, problems and solutions regarding construction quality in Ethiopia. More than 200 participants from the construction industry, academic staffs, graduate and undergraduate students had attended the seminar. 

The speaker of the Seminar, Dr. Ephraim Senbetta is a visiting professor at AAU and the founder of the American Concrete Institute Ethiopian Chapter. In his talk Dr. Ephrem presented serious of questions as a starter for the ‘debate’. He draw attention to the three main drives of attitudes that are currently affecting construction quality: ‘we will fix it’, ‘we will clean it’ and ‘we will clean it’.

He iterated that if we aim to improve construction quality we need to fight the attitude of correcting later. Dr Ephraim’s argument was that the construction quality problem in Ethiopia is more of attitudinal than lack of technological skill. Interestingly, the speaker also argue that quality improves profitability to the construction sector.  Reflections were forwarded from participants, mentioning the timeliness of the platform. 

Participant appreciated that the organizing members initiative for the platform and expressed their hope to have such kind of forum in the future. In closing the discussion the school director has appreciated the effort made by Dr. Ephraim Senbetta for his time and dedication to share his ample experience to our staff and community from the construction sector.  The seminar was sponsored by Ethiopian Road Authority. 

 A warm welcome to the second cohort of PhD students!

On a second round call for PhD students the school of Civil and Water Resources Engineering had selected four students. For the first time since the program was launched a female student had become one of the selected applicants. The students will complete a 12 credit hour of course work before starting their research.

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